Natural treatment for Hemorrhoids in Nigeria

Hemorrhoids are a condition in which veins in the rectal or anal area become swollen and painful and may bleed. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the anus and the rectum. These veins enlarge and lose their elasticity, which results to sac-like bumps that invade the anal canal.

Hemorrhoids may occur inside the entrance to the anus (internal hemorrhoids) or outside the entrance to the anus (exterior hemorrhoids) or can be prolapsed (protruding outside the anus). A blot clot (thrombosis) may form in the vein, making the hemorrhoid more painful. They usually cause pain on defecation and can result to rectal bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are very common and can develop at any age but they become more common between age 50 and 70, then rates tend to decrease. Causes for hemorrhoids include pregnancy, constipation, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, heavy lifting, obesity, liver damage and food allergy. Some people believe that hemorrhoids are caused by constipation, but expert feel that they are caused by straining at bowel movements that goes along with chronic constipation. Hemorrhoids are very common during pregnancy and after childbirth due to hormonal changes and pressure from the growing fetus.                               

Symptoms of hemorrhoids include burning, itching, inflammation, pain, irritation and bleeding in and around the anal area and rectum. The bleeding is often bright red, which can be alarming, but it is not a sign of a serious digestive disorder when associated with hemorrhoids.

Fast remedy to treat Hemorrhoids is our Hemorrhoids solution kit. This kit is 100% compounded herbal medicines of various types which treat the root cause of Hemorrhoids.



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