Natural treatment for Keloids in Nigeria

Keloids are over growths of skin or abnormal scar formation that arise at the site of an injury, cut or minor scratch. The term keloid, meaning “crab claw”, was first coined by Alibert in 1806, in an attempt to illustrate the way the lesions expand laterally from the original scar into normal tissue. Since that time, physicians have attempted to characterize normal scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids.

The excessive wound healing in both hypertrophic scars and keloids is found only in humans and occurs in 5-15% of wounds. Both types of scars tend to be familial, but this is much truer for keloids. The incidence of keloids tends to run in families.

Men and women are affected equally, although a higher incidence exists of women presenting with keloids, possibly secondary to the cosmetic implications associated with the disfigurement. The average age at onset is 10-30 years.

Persons older than 65 years rarely develop keloids. Studies have consistently demonstrated that persons of certain races are more susceptible to keloid scar formation. Individuals with darker pigmentation, black persons and Asian persons are more likely to develop keloids. In a random sampling of dark individuals, as many as 16% have reported developing keloid scars, with an incidence rate of 4.5-16% in the black and Hispanic populations. White persons and albinos are least affected.  

 Keloids most commonly appear on the breastbone, chest, shoulder and upper back. They are not painful, but can catch on clothing, causing friction and irritation.

They can also cause cosmetic changes and alter appearance. Extensive exposure to the sun can cause keloids to turn more darkly than surrounding areas of the skin, causing them to become more noticeable. These color changes are often permanent. Keloids tend to flatten out or become less obvious over time. The cause of keloids is not known, but they are thought to appear due to an  overactive healing process where excess collagen is produced at the site of a healing scar. Surgical incisions, acne scars, wounds, vaccination sites, chicken pox, minor cuts and scrapes can trigger the formation of a keloid scar. Signs of keloids include the formation of raised areas of skin located at the site of an injury that are flesh-colored, red or pink in color. The areas are irregularly shaped nodules that tend to itch during formation and growth.


Protect keloids from the sun with clothing or an adhesive bandage to prevent darkening. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily and eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid coffee, soda pop and alcoholic beverages.Surgical removal of keloids is not recommended because larger keloids scars often form at the site

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