Natural treatment for Vaginitis in Nigeria

Vaginitis is described medically as an irritation and/or inflammation of the vagina. Vaginitis is a very common disease affecting millions of women each year and is responsible for an estimated of 10% of all visits by women to their healthcare practitioners. There are three types of vaginitis:

Hormone-related vaginitis:

Includes the atrophic vaginitis generally found in postmenopausal or postpapaus women, women who have had their ovaries surgically removed and prepubescent girls. Symptom of hormone-related vaginitis include vaginal dryness, irritation, thinning of the vaginal mucous membranes and painful intercourse.

Irritant vaginitis:

Is the result of poor hygiene; allergies or tight,eron-porous clothing can also contribute to vaginitis. Symptoms of  irritant vaginitis include itching and soreness.

Infectous vaginitis:

Is most common in reproductive-age women. The three most common vaginal infections are bacteria vaginosis (BV), candida vaginitis (yeast infection) and trichomonas vaginitis (“trich”). Infectous vaginitis create itching and typically includes vaginal discharge that varies in colour, consistency and odor depending upon the infectous organism.

Symptoms are often worse immediately after intercourse or the menstrual period. 40% of all types of vaginitis are caused by candida, a yeast-like fungus. When it multiplies in the vaginal tract, the disorder is called vulvovaginitis.

Women often refer to it as a “yeast infection”. About 75% of women get candida vaginitis at some point in their lives.
Bacteria vaginosis occurs when the natural balance of organism in the vagina is changed. The healthy vagina normally contains a variety of bacteria. One type of “good” bacteria, lactobacillus, is particularly important because it keeps the vagina slightly acidic to reduce the growth of potentially harmful organisms.

When these bacteria are replaced with different kind of “fed” bacteria, called anaerobic bacteria, an unpleasant vaginal odor develops and an infection (vaginitis) occurs. If left untreated, bacteria vaginitis may result to increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infertility, pre-term birth, premature rupture of membranes, low birth weight, intra-amniotic infections, endometriosis, cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN),post-gynecological surgery infections and increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Vitamin B deficiency, irritation from excessive douching or use of products like perfumed soaps or deodorant sprays, the use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives or adrenal corticosteroids are predisposing factors. A health care professional should be consulted for proper diagnosis and treatment of any vaginal infection.


* Practice good hygiene by keeping the vagina area clean using a mild soap dry area.

* Avoid douching and irritating agents such as harsh soaps and feminine hygiene spray. Douches can disrupt the normal balance of vaginal organisms and should be avoided.

* Avoiding spreading bacterial from the rectum to the vagina by wiping front to back after going to the bathroom.

* Avoid tight jeans, panty hose without a cotton crotch and other clothing that can  trap moisture.

* Practice safe sex and avoid multiple partners. Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, can reduce the risk of transmission of STDs.

* Avoid stress, which studies have shown to be a contributing factor for vaginitis.

* Food intake can contribute to vaginitis so it is beneficial to be aware of foods eaten when vaginitis flares up.

Avoid simple and refined sugas (bread, pasta, baked goods, and sweets), diary products, alcohol, peanuts, fresh or dried fruit, fruit juice and food allergens. Eat plenty of protein, vegetables and grains.

* Do not use perfumed soaps, lubricant and spermicides if vaginitis is a problem.

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