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Male infertility is responsible for almost half of all cases of couples experiencing trouble conceiving. While it is true that men have far less causes of infertility compared to women, varicocele is a leading cause of male infertility. This condition is quite common.


Varicocele is a kind of disease which is growing at a massive rate among men and needs immediate attention as soon as you are diagnosed with it. It can be quite painful for a man and they have to go through many battles to fight this disease. Some battles are that it challenges the dream of a man to become a father and enjoy fatherhood, discomfort due to terrible disturbing pains and even lack of fulfillment during sexual intercourse.

Varicocele is a kind of disease which occurs in man and affects their fertility. There is an unusual enlargement of the veins in the scrotum which affects the blood supply to the reproductive glans through these veins. In case of an abnormality like varicocele, blood blockage comes about and affects the male fertility and sometimes even their erection and testosterone level.


The veins are responsible for sending back blood to the heart so that it is purified. But for the blood to go to the heart, the blood has to travel upwards from the scrotal area. To make sure the blood travels in the upward direction, the veins have uni-directional valves. Now, modern lifestyle causes a lot of toxicity from the cells gets accumulated in the blood leading to imbalanced pH. This altered pH and toxins give rise to the formation of free radicals, that accumulate around those valves. This accumulation of free radicals and toxins around the valves leads to improper functioning and this causes an obstruction in the smooth blood flow. Because of this, blood starts accumulating in the veins. Eventually, the accumulated blood causes the vein to ‘varicose’ and forms Varicocele.


The arterial and venous system bring and send blood to and from the scrotum. This blood has to be pure for the good production of sperm. Now, when the venous system fails to send back the blood due to a Varicocele, there is more impure blood in the testis and this is bad for the production of sperm. Thus, the sperm count reduces eventually causing infertility in the long term.


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