Ten facts you didn’t know about Menstruation

Women get worried with problems like heavy bleeding, irregular periods or painful cramps. How do you deal with these nagging problems?

Ten facts you didn’t know about Menstruation
We have answered some of the most common queries about menstrual problems posted by our readers.

Ques: 1. Is it normal to get your period twice in a month?

Ans: It is certainly not normal to get your periods after every 15 days. A woman should have one cycle per month. If this has happened once, then you need not worry much but if it happens regularly.

Ques: 2. Is heavy bleeding during my periods normal?

Ans: It is not normal to have heavy bleeding for more than five days. Visit a diagnostic centre and undergo hormonal tests to determine the level of hormones in your body. If the hormones are not balance you might keep experiencing heavy bleeding. Click here to see how to balance your hormone naturally

Ques: 3. How can I relieve/ prevent the pain of unbearable cramps during my periods?

Ans: This condition is called dysmenorrhoea.
Most often, menstrual pain is caused by the muscle of the womb cramping as it sheds its delicate lining (as a period). When bleeding is heavy, there may be clots, which can cause extra pain.

Really painful periods may be due to a condition called endometriosis. This condition occurs when tissue cells like the ones found in the womb grow elsewhere in the body (shedding every month with menstruation).

Ques: 4. What is the reason for brown spotting three to four days before my period?

Ans: Visit a diagnostic center and get a check up done to rule out any erosion or polyp. Or you may be having some hormonal imbalance like irregular ripening of the endometrium.  

Ques: 5. Why are my periods irregular?

Ans: Sometimes irregular periods are stress-related. Wait and watch for few months but if it persists, get a sonography as well as your hormonal profile done.

Ques: 6. What are some ways to alleviate PMS symptoms?

Ans: The first thing would be to change your lifestyle. Avoid tea and caffeine intake and prevent smoking at that time. You could have Vitamin E tablets to feel better. Yoga and meditation always helps.

Ques: 7. Is there any way to delay periods?

Yes. You will have to start some progesterone treatments four to five days prior to your due date and continue for as long as you want to delay your periods. 

Que: 8. How can I tell if I’m nearing menopause?

Ans: No one can tell when they are nearing menopause. If you are reaching your 40s, you might start getting perimenopause symptoms like irregular periods that can be heavy, shorter or longer cycles, night sweat, mood changes, difficulty sleeping, etc.

Ques: 9. How safe are tampons?

Ans: Tampons are safe but avoid swimming while using tampons because it can lead to serious infections.

Ques: 10. What are the connections between abnormal menstruation and Fibroids, Infection, Ovarian Cysts, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Fallopian Tube Blockages, Hormonal Imbalance, Adnomyosis, Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ans: Click here to see detail:


Fallopian Tubes Blockage

Ovarian Cysts & Ovarian Tumors



Hormonal Imbalance


Ectopic pregnancy





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