Revealed 3 main reasons why your 2 fallopian tubes are blocked

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Every woman has 2 fallopian tubes. These tubes are the roads where sperm and egg travel to meet each other.

A blockage in fallopian tubes prevent sperm and egg to meet, this blockage is responsible for 40% of infertility in women. However, if the blockage is limited to one fallopian tube, it may not affect the fertility.

If you understand the reasons behind it and corrective measures are taken you can reverse the condition naturally and maintain motherhood.

Revealed 3 main reasons why your 2 Fallopian tubes are blocked

1. Inflammation:

The cervix is a breeding ground for bacterial development. This causes swelling of fallopian tubes and makes them stick together. This is called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

2. Thickening of mucus:

Fallopian tubes are meeting place for egg and sperm. Fallopian tubes facilitate the journey of egg and sperm through its mucus. In case, if the mucus turns too thick fallopian tubes are blocked and obstruct the journey of egg and sperm.

3. Excess pus:

Infection and inflammation in fallopian tubes tend to fill fallopian tubes with liquid pus. The thickening of pus can block fallopian tubes making it not possible for egg and sperm pass through the fallopian tubes.

Reasons why you have excessive inflammation?

So far you have realized that three factors are responsible for your blockage of fallopian tubes. All the three factors are linked to infection and inflammation.
Now the question is why your body is generating infection and inflammation?

A recent study has revealed that improper eating affects your immunity system; this result in excessive inflammation and other chronic diseases, because the immune are not active to fight diseases effectively.

The real reason behind your fallopian tubes blockage

If I sum up, why your fallopian tubes are blocked, I may say that your stressful lifestyle (Check Stress May Cause Fibroids and Infertility) and dietary habits causing infection and inflammation in your body.

Obviously, this condition eventually manifesting in different forms that may include blockage of your fallopian tubes also


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