Natural treatment for Vaginal dryness in Nigeria

When your vagina is not properly lubricated, it can feel itchy and irritated.

Vagina dryness may make some daily activities uncomfortable, and it can make sexual intercourse less pleasurable. In fact, during menopause, vaginal dryness is a common cause of discomfort or pain during sex (dyspareunia).

 It is a common condition. It can affect women of all ages, though vagina dryness most often occurs during and after the menopause transition. An estimated 10 percent to 40 percent of women who’ve reached menopause have signs and symptoms related to vagina dryness.

The two Bartholoni glands in the vagina receive signals from the brain to release moisture during arousal to lubricate the organ for easy insertion of the penis. When these glands fail to function correctly, the woman is left with feeling dryness. Because the amount of vagina fluid varies from woman to woman, The problem is a very personal and subjective one.

The amount of fluid in the vagina during arousal often suffers due to rapidly decreasing estrogen levels at the onset of menopause. The use of birth control pills can also upset hormone levels, resulting to dryness.

The presence of vaginal fluid is also directly affected by a woman’s mood or her health in general.

When a woman is feeling stressed, tired or unattractive, vaginal dryness can occur. Tensions in her personal relationships and inadequate arousal may also negatively affect the amount of vaginal fluid. The sensitive vaginal chemistry may also be affected by harsh alkaline soaps or allergies to perfumes or dyes.

Some physical conditions that may cause vaginal dryness include thyroid disease, yeast infection or bacteria vaginosis and in when a woman is premenopausal or is under stress or strain,The most common symptom of vaginal dryness  is the lack of natural lubrication in the vagina before intercourse, even after sufficient foreplay. This lack of moisture can result to the inability to insert penis and subsequent pain following insertion.

Quick remedy to treat Vaginal dryness is our Vaginal dryness solution kit. This kit is 100% compounded herbal medicines of various types which treat the root cause Vaginal dryness.



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