Natural treatment for Muscle Cramp in Nigeria

Muscle cramps may occur when a muscle contracts but does no extend into its normal position after use. The pain of muscle cramping is the result of a muscle contracting suddenly without stretching out again. It often occur at night in the calves and feet. Muscle cramps are common and typically affect older adults, “weekend athletes.

Children can also experience what is known as “growing pains” or “growing cramps” in the legs, which can be very painful until the muscle relaxes and the cramping dissipates. An imbalance in the electrolytes and minerals in the body, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, cause muscle cramps.

Cramps can also be the result of unusual physical exertion, as occurs with “weekend athletes” or those just beginning a new exercise regimen. Inactivity, anemia, tobacco use, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance, allergies, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, dehydration and hypothyroidism can also lead to muscle cramps. The use of diuretic drugs for high blood pressure or heart disorders may lead to electrolyte imbalance causing muscle cramps.   

Muscle cramps feel like sudden pain in the affected area that resemble a tightening or hardening in the muscle. The pain usually goes away in a matter of minutes or seconds. The pain often occur at night and can interrupt sleep. Leg cramps are very common in pregnant women and the elderly, but they can strike anyone. Cramps are more likely to occur on the heat and during strenuous exercise.

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