Natural treatment for Anemia in Nigeria

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There are three main reasons for Anemia:

1) Excessive blood loss,

2) Excessive red blood cell destruction,

3) Deficient red blood cells.

The first cause of Anemia is a nutritional deficiency, usually either of iron or protein. Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia. This occurs when iron intake is insufficient or when they has been significant loss of blood. Sometimes other nutrients such as niacin, copper, vitamin C, or rarely vitamin B-12 may be involved.

Excessive blood destruction is a second cause of anemia.Increased blood destruction comes from such disorders as hemolytic anemia which can be due to exposure to toxic chemical, related to certain diseases of blood-forming organs, viral infections, or rarely, to hereditary causes.

A third cause to anemia is depression of the bone marrow. This condition is due to toxicity or hypersensitivity, as from taking of certain drugs and other toxic substances, or from chronic kidney disease.

Anemia is a symptom of other problems and is not considered a disease itself. Anemia is often the first symptom of a myriad of conditions, including arthritis, infection and some major illnesses, like cancer. Chronic inflammation, drug use, hemorrhoids, liver damage, thyroid disorders and dietary deficiencies are just few of the many conditions that can cause anemia.

Generally anemia occurs when either the number of red blood cells or the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is reduced. This result to a decrease in the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to the cells in the body.When the cells have insufficient energy, they are unable to perform their normal functions;so many important processes slow down and become less efficient.

Anemia can be difficult to detect. Initial stages include loss of appetite, headaches, poor concentration and irritability.

Symptoms of established anemia include fatigue, weakness, cold fingers and toes, dizziness, depression and pale skin, lips, eyelids and nails. Most cases anemia are mild, but even mild anemia can cause weakness and fatigue. Moderate to severe anemia can also cause shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, light headiness, headaches, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), irritability, pale skin, restless legs syndrome and mental confusion. Heart problems can occur in prolonged and severe anemia that is left untreated.


Eat a diet in iron-rich foods, including eggs, fish, meat, poultry, green leafy vegetables and black strap molasses, whole grains, and iron-enriched breads and cereals and beans are excellent blood builders. It is well to avoid diary products, as they contain very little iron, and tend to bind iron present in other foods. Eat dry fruit frequently, especially peaches and apricots.

Also eat foods high in vitamin C, like citrus fruits and berries, to enchance iron absorption. Limit consumption of food containing oxalic acid, including almonds, cashews, chocolate, rhubarb, spinach and most beans. Avoid beer, candy, diary products and soft drinks.

Excess iron can be damaging to liver, heart pancreas and immune to system. So do not take iron supplements unless directed to do so by a physician.

Do not smoke and avoid second-hand smoke. Drink plenty of water, generally two glasses before breakfast, two in the mid morning, and again in the mid-afternoon, and one to two at night.

Get adequate rest for body repair and rebuilding of blood cells. Fatigue causes poor blood. Eight hours of sleep each night is about right for most adults. Too much sleep is also improper.

Avoid nervous tension.

Exercise stimulates the bone marrow to produce blood cells. Absorption of iron from the intestine is also promoted by exercise. Sunshine stimulates blood-making. It promote general good health. Vitamin D assists in the making of blood, and can be obtained in the adequate quantities from daily sun exposure of skin, at least six-inches square. Fresh air is essential for cleansing the body. Good posture and deep breathing of pure air is a good to build blood and to nourish all cells of the body. It is a natural protection against anemia.

Proper clothing of the extremities keeps the circulation equalized between the trunks and extremities.Proper blood building can be accomplished only by healthy bone marrow activity. Habitual chilling of the extremities causes a tax on the body. Chilling of blood that will circulate to the bone marrow will decrease the the weight at which blood cells can be made.

Chronic blood loss, as from excessive menstruation, or a little daily loss from a bleeding point in the gastrointestinal tract, can keep the iron store low. These conditions should be promptly corrected by proper measures.

To stimulate the bone marrow and the circulation, use “the short cold bath”. Adjust the temperature of the water in the tub between 40 and 90 degrees: the greater the cold, the less time spent. Try half minute at 40-50 degrees, 1 minute at 60-70 degrees, 2 minutes at 70-80 degrees, 3 minutes at 80-85 degrees, 3 and half minutes at 90 degrees.

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