Cervical Polyps And Natural Solutions in Nigeria

Cervical polyps are smooth, cherry-red to reddish-purple or grayish-white, finger-shaped growths in the cervix , the passage between the uterus and the vagina. They vary in size and often look like bulbs on thin stems. Cervical polyps are usually not cancerous (benign) and can occur alone or in groups. Most polyps are small, about 1 […]

Infertility Solutions Natural Approaches

13 Features That Affect a Woman’s Fertility And Natural Approaches To Tackle It Every woman suffers a gynecological condition at some point in her life. For most, it will be minor and easily treatable, but for others their condition may have devastating consequences – impacting their ability to have children and even, with some illnesses, […]

Infertility Natural Solutions And Facts Behind Your Infertility

7 facts why you are finding it difficult to get pregnant.  How Alcohol and Smoking leads low sperm count and Natural Solutions to Infertility Case . Infertility means not getting pregnant after a year of regular, unprotected sex. The man, the woman, or both, may have a fertility problem. In women over 35 years old, […]