Natural Treatment For Varicocele Without Surgery In Nigeria


If Varicocele Are Making Your Life A Misery, Here Is A Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of It Naturally And With No Side Effects…

Below are real life testimonies with test result before and test after taking our treatment:

Case 1:


He had bilateral varicocele, after taken our treatment for 2months. He ran another test and there were no vericocele noted again.

Below are his test reports before treatment and after treatment.





What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is an unusual enlargement  of veins within scrotum(loose skin holding testicles, veins and arteries) also known as varicocele testicles, and layman call it different names such as varicocel, varicoceli, varicocoele, vericocele or varicosil. Normally, these veins supply blood to reproductive glands. In case of any abnormality like varicocele, blood blockage comes about and damages male fertility and also affect men’s erection or testosterone level.

 A varicocele can result in decreased sperm production and quality, which in some cases can lead to infertility. It can also shrink the testicles.


What Causes of varicocele?

Your spermatic cord carries blood to and from your testicles. A varicocele forms when the valves inside the veins in the cord prevent your blood from flowing properly. The resulting backup causes the veins to widen (dilate). This may then result in damage to the testicle and result in worsening fertility.

Varicoceles usually occur on the left side, most likely because of the position of the left testicular vein. However, a varicocele in one testicle can affect sperm production in both testicles.

Improper functioning of veins: If the valves within veins do not function properly, it will cause blood blockage

Anatomic Asymmetries: Varicocele may also result from anatomic changes between right and left inside spermatic veins. As left internal vein is longer than right vein, it needs extra pressure to circulate blood through the left vein. Sooner or later it leads to varicocele.

Infertility. Varicocele may keep the local temperature in or around the testicle too high, affecting sperm formation, movement (motility) and function.


Types Of Varicocele.

Varicocele is divided into 3 clinical grades depending upon the lump size in testicles and visibility. These are labeled as 1 to 3. Grade 1 is the smallest, Grade 2 is a medium size, whereas Grade 3 is the largest lump size.

  1. Small – Identified only by bearing down, which increases intra-abdominal pressure, thus impeding drainage and increasing varicocele size. This process of identifying varicocele is called the valsalva maneuver.
  2. Medium or moderate – Identified by palpation without bearing down
  3. Large – Easily identified by visual inspection alone.


Symptoms of Varicocele

The patient may not experience any symptoms in the beginning: however, given below likely symptoms can help you identify varicocele.

-Swelling in the scrotum or a lump in the testicles

-Twisted or enlarged veins within scrotum

-Sharp or dull pain in the testicles

-Scrotal heaviness

-Dragging sensation

-Bulge in the scrotum

-Testicle lump (mostly painless)

-There might be no apparent symptoms at all

Physical condition gets worse when patient physically exerts himself sitting or standing. Prolonged exertion periods increase chances of painful conditions.


Complications Of Varicocele Surgery

Surgical varicocele treatment, known as varicocelectomy, might involve complications. In fact, treating varicose veins in similar fashion can be dangerous. Veins cannot be stripped from the scrotum because it will cause injury to the blood supply of the testicles.

Varicocele recurrence after surgical treatment varies from up to 45%.

Other possible complications after surgical removal of varicoceles are:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Injuries and scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Heart arrhythmias(during the procedure)
  • Damage to the testicular artery
  • Fluid around the testicle(Hydroceles)
  • Injury in the vein (that is accessed in the neck or the groin)
  • Migration of the substance used to block off the testicular vein
  • Injury to the abdominal and chest veins (traversed during the procedure)



There are numbers of treatment option for men with varicocele but natural solution have proven to be the best option to permanently treat varicocele without recurrence or side effects often associated with surgery.

The conventional treatment for varicocele is surgery (varicocelectomy) in order to remove them, but the problem with surgery is that, it’s not identifying and treating the root cause of the varicocele and medical studies reveals they often grow back after surgery. Many men have done Surgery yet still grow back. No matter if the surgery is performed by the best surgeon in the world, the chances of re-growth are inevitable.


VARICOCELE SOLUTION KIT Is A Natural Cure For Varicocele Without Surgery.

The Kit Is Excellent Combination Of Total Body Cleansing Kit, Anti-inflammatory, Hormonal Balancing Kit. The herbal remedies are designed to correct varicocele, you can be rest assured of impregnating a woman and get permanent healing without surgery with the VARICOCELE & SPERM COUNTS SOLUTION KIT. The Kit Will Provide Result You Can Feel In A Matter Of Weeks.


There are 2 ways to get the kit across to you.

  • Come to our office and pick it up. People outside Lagos can send a representative in Lagos to pick it for them.
  • Alternatively, we ship nationwide to all states in Nigeria and all countries in the world.

Pay to the company’s account. We will ship it to you under 24-48 hours if you live in Nigeria.

It takes 5-10 working days for international delivery (we use EMS, DHL etc).


* Free of charge delivery within Nigeria

* International delivery will only enjoys 50% discount of the delivery cost (50:50).



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Delivery is free nationwide:

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N.B: International delivery will only enjoys 50% discount of the delivery cost (50:50).

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