Natural Treatment for Tuberculosis in Nigeria

Tuberculosis(TB) is a bacteria disease that mainly affects the lungs. In 15% of patients it affects other areas, causing swollen lauph nodes, pleurisy (inflammation of the membranes around the lungs), and meningitis (inflammation of the innerioembranes of the brain and spinal cord). It may also affect the kidneys, urinary tract, genitals, thyroid, bones, and joints.

TB in the lungs or throat is the most infectious form.  Even though there has been an effective public health campaign to stem the tide of rising tuberculosis rates, it remains one of the most serious public health challenges. 

Usually there is a time delay between infection and the development of full-blown TB. Many who are infected with TB never develop the disease. In some people it is possible for the TB bacteria to remain inactive for a lifetime without ever causing disease. But in others, especially those with weakened immune systems, The bacteria becomes active. It is also common for those who are infected to be asymptomatic (without symptoms) for several months to years. For example, children are more likely than adults to have no symptoms or to show symptoms in other parts of the body beside the lungs.

The type of symptoms will depend on where in the body the TB bacteria are growing. Typically, TB bacteria that grow in the lungs may cause:Mild fever, headache, chills, night sweat, malaise (feeling unwell), fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, cough, with or without mucus and pus, coughing up blood, chest pain from pleurisy, difficulty breathing, and swollen glands.

Mycobacteria tuberculosis causes most cases of TB. This besterium only lives in humans. TB is spread from one person to another through airborne bacteria. Typically what happens is that a person with TB  in the lungs or the throat coughs or sneezes; then, others nearby breathe in the bacteria. When a person breathes in TB bacteria can settle into the lungs and begin to grow.

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