Natural treatment for bleeding in Nigeria

Most active adults and children suffer cuts and scrapes at one time or another. Likewise, Most minor cuts can be treated at home with simple first aid techniques (like applying direct pressure), but sometimes cut can be serious and require emergency medical treatment. External bleeding is usually caused by a cut or scrape to the body. A cut is caused when the skin comes in contact with a sharp object , such as knife, razor blade or broken glass. A scrape occurs when the skin is literally scraped away by a rough surface, like concrete or sandpaper. The extent of the bleeding is directly related to the severity of the surface injury. Bleeding can also be internal or can stem from a bleeding disorder.

The main symptom of bleeding is the appearance of blood at a site of injury. The appearance and severity of the blood flow indicates how to treat the injury. Apparently, If a person suffers an injury that causes spurting or steady bleeding, an artery or vein may have been severed.

Arteries carry oxygenated blood from the lungs and heart throughout the body. Veins lead oxygen-poor blood back to the hearts and lungs. Furthermore, If the blood is bright red that means an artery has been cut, but, If the blood is bluish-red that means a vein is involved.

Moreover, Medical assistance is necessary when bleeding can not be stopped by conventional first aid measures. Signs of internal bleeding include blood in stool, blood in urine, gastrointestinal bleeding, vaginal bleeding, anal and bruising.


The body size and amount of blood that involves bleeding designates how to treat the injury.  However, Keep in mind that if blood flow is cut off to a portion of the body, that portion could die.

Likewise,If it is severe, call for emergency help as soon as possible. More importantly, Children should always wear a helmet when riding a bike,knee pads and elbow pads should be worn when roller skating or roller blading.

Also, Keep all knives, scissors and other potential hazards away from young children. In conclusion, Always keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the car and at home in case of emergency.

This kit will help stop BLEEDING Naturally. The kit is 100% compounded herbal medicines that treats the root cause of BLEEDING naturally.


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