Natural treatment for Kidney Diseases without Surgery in Nigeria

Kidneys have a very important function because it filter waste product out of the body. As blood passes through the kidneys, all the body’s natural toxins are removed. The waste product and extra water becomes urine, which the kidneys send to the bladder for storage until urination. Kidneys also regulate the levels of certain substances in the body, such as the chemicals sodium and potassium, and also vitamin D and some important hormones called erythropoietin and calcitrio.

A person can live with only one healthy kidney or with kidneys which are not performing at 100% capacity, but if both kidneys fail then the condition is very serious. Toxins and fluids will build up in the body, and the blood cannot function normal because it’s not being cleaned properly. If untreated, this can lead to seizures, coma and eventually death.

Kidney disease occurs when the kidneys permanently loss the ability to remove waste and maintain fluid and chemical imbalances in the body. Kidney disease can develop rapidly (over 2-3 months) or very slowly (over 30 -40 years). A person who suffers from chronic kidney disease has kidneys that do not functions as well as they should. The most common cause of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes can cause kidney failure if the person does not manage his or her diabetes properly. If too much glucose is in the blood, it can attack tiny units’ insides the kidney called nephrons. It is these nephrons that carries out filtering process, so if they do not work, the kidney will stop functioning. High blood pressure causes damage by putting strain on the small blood vessel in the kidneys. This prevents the filtering process from working properly.

Other causes includes: A kidney inflammation called glomerulonephritis; Kidney infections such as pyelonephritis; Polycystic kidney disease, an inherited condition in which both kidneys are several times the normal size, due to the gradual growth of masses of cysts; Nephrosclerosis, in which hardening of the kidney occurs as a result of disease of the arteries; failure of normal kidney development in an unborn baby while developing in the womb; systemic lupus erythematosus, a disease of the immune system where the body attack the kidney as though it were a foreign tissue; malaria; yellow fever and jaundice; certain medicines; blockages (for example, due to kidney stones); and a sharp blow or physical injury to the kidney.

Symptoms of kidney disease include Edema (swollen ankles, feet or hands due to water retention), abdominal pain, chills, fever and fatigue, loss of appetite, frequent headaches, insomnia, itchy skin, increasing needs to urinate especially at night, and vomiting, cloudy urine and sudden, debilitating back pain are also signs of kidney disease, nausea, erectile dysfunction, shortness of breath, and blood/ or protein in the urine.


Kidney disease can often be avoided by preventing other conditions that leads to kidney problems. Keeping a healthy blood pressure, maintaining acceptable blood glucose levels in diabetics, keeping cholesterol and triglycerides in check and quit smoking can help avoid or slow the progression of kidney disease. Those who already have kidney disease should drink plenty of water, avoid unnecessary medication use, avoid x-ray tests and prevent heart disease.


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