Natural treatment for Chlamydia Infection in Nigeria

Chlamydia infection is a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteriam Chlamydia trachoatis. It is a common, treatable infection, which often has no symptom in men or women unless it leads to complications. It is now estimable that Chlamydia affects 1 in 12 women between the ages of 16 and 24. In women Chlamydia is spread by vaginal, anal and sometimes oral sex with an infected person.

An infected pregnant woman can also spread the infection to her newborn during a vagina delivery. Chlamydia can be spread from person to person whether or not symptoms are present. It can infect the urethra, cervix and or reproductive organs in women. However, it can also infect the rectum and the conjunctiva in the eyes.

Chlamydia is the commonly sexually transmitted disease today.

Chlamydia must be treated with antibiotics. The risk of contracting Chlamydia is increased when a person has multiple sexual partners, having sex with a high-risk partner (someone who have sex with multiple partners), engaging in unprotected sex and being sexually active before age 18. More than 80% of women and 50% of men with Chlamydia do not produce symptoms, so people who do not know can unknowingly pass the bacterium to others.

When symptoms do occur in male, Chlamydia is characterized by frequent, painful or burning urination and lower back pain. A clear watery urethral discharge in a male is a sign of Chlamydia infection . In females symptoms are rare, but some females experience a white vagina discharge that resembles cottage cheese, a burning sensation when urinating, itching and painful intercourse. Chlamydia may spread through the reproductive tract and develop into inflammation of the uterine (fallopian) tubes, which increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and sterility.



The best way to prevent Chlamydia, or any other STD, is to practice safe sex. Abstain from sexual contact, talk to any prospective partner about his/her sexual history and the possibility of infection, avoid sexual contact whenever an STD is suspected, and always use a condom until the threat of STD exposure is eliminated. Anyone with chlamydia must see a doctor for antibiotic treatment and abstain from sexual activity until the full course of antibiotics has been completed.

-It is important to associate herbal remedies with effective antibiotics like doxicyline, azithromycine .

-Eat a healthy diet containing fresh fruit and vegetable, brown rice, raw seeds and nuts ,turkey, fish and whole grains.

-Avoid highly processed and junk food.

-Avoid alcohol and smoking.

-Drink plenty of water, sugar-free juices and herbal teas.

-Reduce stress. If you have symptoms of Chlamydia infection do not delay in seeking medical advice as the danger of complications increases as time passes.



Natural treatment for  Chlamydia infection is CHLAMYDIA SOLUTION KIT. This kit will help you get rid of Chlamydia Infection Naturally.

This natural treatment is 100% compounded natural medicines that treat the infection.





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