Natural Treatment For Candidiasis Infection in Nigeria

Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus that normally lives in healthy balance in the body and is found mostly in the intestines, genital tract, mouth and throat. When the balance is upset, infection results. This is known as candidiasis and the fungus travels to all parts of the body through the blood stream. Furthermore, it is called thrush in the mouth, in the vagina, it is called a yeast infection.

Candidiasis affects both women and men but is rarely transmitted sexually. Women with diabetes have more yeast infection because their vaginal environment is more conducive to the yeast growth. In like manner,  Yeast infections are caused by an increase in the normal amount of bacteria in the vagina region. Antibiotic use, oral contraceptives, HIV and diabetes can cause yeast populations to grow to high levels.

Pregnancy can also alter the vagina environment and lead to yeast infection.

Symptoms of yeast infection include itching and redness in the vagina region; burning during urination and a yeast-like odour.

Candidiasis typically affects the surface of mucus membranes but can penetrate deeper in people with immune system disorders Also, Corticosteroids and oral contraceptives should be avoided because they may upset the normal, healthy balance of the body. The most healing diet for this condition is one that is fruit-free, sugar-free and yeast-free.

Equally Important, Eating yogurt or other food items containing acidophilus can help treat and prevent yeast infection. Women with diabetes often find that yeast infections are less common when sugar levels are controlled.


Corticosteroids and oral contraceptives should be avoided, as they may upset the normal and healthy balance of the body.

Likewise,Laboratory test can help you make sure your symptoms are not the result of another health problem. The most healing diet for this condition is one that is fruit-free, sugar-free and yeast-free.

Eat foods low in refined crabs and sugars. White flour, refined sugars ,and fruit juice may help yeast grow in the intestine, so cut them out of your diet. Avoid eating yeast and mold. Eliminate foods produced with yeast and foods that may contain mold to reduce possible reactions due to sensitivities.

Avoid alcohol and eat vegetables, whole grain and organic foods.

Try some beneficial bacteria: Take a supplement that contains billion colony-forming units a day of acidophilus or bifid bacteria to control yeast in the intestine. Eat plain yoghurts that contain live yoghurt cultures. (Can be used as a vagina douche after mixing with water).

To prevent re-infection replace your toothbrush every month.

To reduce yeast in the intestine, try garlic (3,000mg a day garlic/day). One doctor has reported success with 295 out of 297 being treated for chronic yeast and parasitic infections.

in a test of 20 patients with vagina yeast infection, 15 had relief of their symptoms in only 3 days after douching with grapefruit seed extract.



This natural treatment kits are 100% compounded natural medicines that have curative effects on infections.



The solution kit is in 2 categories:

Categories                                 Cost

Category A                            N30,000

Category B                            N50,000

The category you will go for depends on the severity and age of the infection.

  • The quantity of natural medicines in B is more than the quantity in A.
  • Also, the treatment duration for category A is 3 weeks while the treatment duration for category B is 4 weeks.

Note 1: If you use this infection treatment for just 1 month, you must be willing to share testimonies with people. We are proud and confident to say nothing else work better in treating infection than our infection solution kit. It is 100% natural without negative side effect.

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Note 2: The medicines are 100% herbal and natural.



There are 2 ways to get the kit across to you.

1- Come to our office and pick it up. People outside Lagos can send a representative in Lagos to pick it for them.

2- Alternatively, we ship nationwide to all states in Nigeria and all countries in the world.

Pay to the company’s account. We will ship it to you under 24-48 hours if you live in Nigeria.

It takes 5-10 working days for international delivery (we use EMS, DHL etc).


* Free of charge delivery within Nigeria

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