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Asthma is a disease in which inflammation of the airways restricts airflow in and out of the lungs. The word asthma comes from the Greek word “panting”. The panting and wheezing sound characteristic of asthma occur because of the restricted flow of air. Normally, when you breath in, an irrirantor are subjected to a stressor such as exercise, your airways relax and open, allowing the lungs to get rid of irritant or take In more air. In a person with asthma,muscle in the airway tighten and the lining of the air passages swells.

The immune system gets involved, but instead of helping, it causes inflammation. Asthma is a disease of both adult and children. Infact, asthma is the most common chronic child illness. About half of all cases of asthma develop before the age of 10. Many children with asthma also have allergies.


Symptoms: asthma is an illness characterized by episodes of breathing difficulty, usually accompanied by wheezing upon exhaling, coughing, difficult breathing, tightness in the chest, cough (dry or with sputum), flared nostril, abnormal breathing pattern, in which exhalation takes more than twice as long as inhalation, use of the muscles between the ribs (called intercostals) to help with the increased work of breathing and coughing up blood (called haemoptysis). An attack can last for a few minutes or several hours.


There are two forms of asthma: allergic and non allergic, although the two occur together.

Common asthma provoking allergens include animal dander, chemicals, dust mites, environmental pollutants, feathers, food addictives, fumes, mold and tobacco smoke.

Non-allergic asthma is generally triggered by adrenal disorders, anxiety, temperature changes, exercise, extreme dryness or humidity, fear, laughter, low blood sugar and stress. The bronchial tubes swell and become plugged with mucus.

Asthma is caused by the spasms in the smooth muscles surrounding the bronchi and bronchioles (small airways in the lung), causing the passage ways to partially close. The spasms are accompanied with increased mucus, which clogs the bronchioles/bronchi and worsens the attack. It is often triggered by an allergic response and the immune system produces histamine; thus, any type of allergen can precipitate an asthma attack. Cardiac asthma, a less common form of asthma, is caused by heart failure.



Eat diet consisting primarily of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, oatmeal brown rice and whole grain. The diet should be relatively high in protein and low in carbohydrate. Include garlic, horse raddish, honey, youghurt and onions in your diet. Avoid gas-producing foods. Do not eat ice cream or extremely cold liquids. Eat lightly. A large meal can cause shortness of breath. Use an elimination diet to see if certain food aggravate the asthmatic condition.

Eat food in omega-3 fatty acids (from foods such as cold-water fish, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts) and reduce your intake of omega-6 fatty acids (from food like meat, egg yolks, and certain cooking oils); this is likely to help improve your symptoms.

Exercise; Check your salt intake; take aspirin and NSAID with caution as these can induce asthma attacks; keep on gong list of things that trigger your asthmatic responses and then avoid them as best as you can; Apply castor oil packs to the back and area around the lungs and kidney; Avoid stress; Avoid fury animals; consider removing carpet.


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